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Support Squads

Code for All Support Squads are all about bringing people together who work similar roles in civic tech, but at different organizations and in different regions of the world, so they can share resources and support each other in their work.  

To form Support Squads, we’ve grouped people from different civic tech organizations together who work similar roles (e.g. Program Managers with Program Managers, Product Designers with Product Designers, etc). 

After reaching out and getting feedback from folks within our 30 member organizations, we decided on which specific squads to form. Our current squads bring people together from the following disciplines: 

Program Management & Direction

Communications & Marketing 

Funding & Partnerships 

Product Design 

With these squads, the Code for All team guides group meetings by setting specific topics relevant to each discipline and providing facilitation to guide discussion. Squad members add resources to a shared folder so that over time, an archive of resources for each particular discipline will develop and be accessible to all Network staff members.

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