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Equity & Inclusion Workshop

As a global civic tech network, we aim to promote diversity and inclusion in our communities. However, we know that challenging the status quo and “walking the talk” is a difficult thing to do.

As a part of our partnership with NDI in 2020, we worked with a strategy consultant, Lina Patel from Revma Consulting, to uncover areas for improvement in the Network and guide us to move our Network strategy forward. Through this amazing work, Lina uncovered this observation:

“[Code for All] Network Members exist to challenge the status quo yet dynamics in how Members interact with the Network, reflect the status quo. 
Civic tech was born out of the tech sector. It is an extension of the tech sector. Individuals drawn to civic tech display similar attitudes, and behave in similar ways as their tech colleagues. This means that inequalities present in the broader tech sector appear in civic tech. One example is that the cultural and gender bias which exists in the broader tech sector, reoccur in civic tech.

In light of this, we have taken time to ask ourselves, “How can Code for All do better? How can we make our Network more inclusive and representative not only in the projects we develop, but internally as well?”

We decided to hire an Equity & Inclusion consultant and began working with Nonso Jideofor of Present Lab to:

  • Research how the Code for All may be functioning in ways that hinder inclusiveness and representation. 
  • Create a playbook with strategies and methods to ensure programming is inclusive for a global audience, specifically underrepresented regions / groups and non-native English speakers.
  • Research findings, strategies and methodologies and compile them in a report which includes a roadmap on how Code for All can become more inclusive for underrepresented regions and non-native English speakers.

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