Want to organize a Code for All organization?

Over the past three years, we’ve learned a lot about what works when organizing a Brigade. We’re excited to help you build a sustainable, civic hacking group in your community. Here are some resources and case studies to help you get started.


Brigade Organizer’s Calendar: Overview of Code for America’s days of action, workshops, and more.

Code for All Organizer’s Playbook: Deep dive into three areas key to running a sustainable Brigade.

Code for America’s Fellowship Toolkit: Code for America’s advice on starting a similar fellowship program.

Code for America’s Practices for 21st Century Government:

This Week in Civic Tech: Learn what other groups across the Brigade network are doing.

Case Studies:

Code for the Caribbean Case Study

Code for the Mexico City Case Study

Code for Germany Case Study


Code for All is an international network of organizations who believe that digital technology opens new channels for citizens to more meaningfully engage in the public sphere and have a positive impact on their communities.

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