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Success Story Roundtable: Marketing Campaigns





Meet with other comms folk from the Code for All Network to share success stories and challenges around marketing campaigns

About this event

Do you work in Communications & Marketing within the realm of civic tech?

Join us for our first Communications & Marketing Support Squad event where we’ll meet as a group to share success stories and challenges we’ve faced while running marketing campaigns.

Here’s what you need to know:

Why: The purpose of this meeting is for Code for All network members to meet and learn from each other to advance their skills in communications & marketing. It is our first meeting, so another purpose is to kick off the C&M squad!

What: By the end of this meeting, we hope you’ll leave feeling you’ve learned something that will help you in communications & marketing, or that you feel your contribution to the group has been valuable and helpful for others. We also hope that as we build this community of civic tech comms folk, you will feel less alone and more supported in your roles.

Who: In attendance will be staff members who work for Code for All member organizations in the realm of communications & marketing. These staff members should want to improve their skills and/or pass on their wisdom to others who work a similar role in civic tech. Members from the Code for All team will be there to facilitate.

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