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Selling Civic Tech





Meet with others from the CfAll Network to discuss success stories around selling civic tech to potential funders and partners

About this event

Working in a field like civic tech, which is relatively new and not yet widely known, means it can sometimes (or always 😶) be difficult to concisely explain what it is we do – especially in situations where the pressure is on and we need to pitch an idea to a potential funder in a quick and effective way.

So, as a global civic tech network full of people from all different parts of the world, with varied knowledge and experience, how about we meet to share stories about how we’ve all been managing this challenge?

Join us for our first Fundraising & Partnerships Support Squad event, where we’ll meet as a group to discuss how to sell the complicated topic of what we do in a simple & effective way. This is an opportunity to meet with others in your field to swap success stories as well as come up with key words and phrases that all civic techies should use when selling civic tech.

Here’s what you need to know:

Why: The purpose of this event is for Code for All network members to meet and discuss how to ‘sell civic tech’ in order to get more funding opportunities and build partnerships at their respective civic tech organizations. It is also our first meeting, so another purpose is to kick off the F&P squad!

What: By the end of this meeting, we should have key phrases and strategies for communicating/’selling civic tech’ documented in a shared file. We also hope that you’ll leave this meeting having learned something that will help you in your fundraising efforts, or that you feel your contribution to the group has been valuable and helpful for others.

Who: In attendance will be staff members who work for Code for All member organizations in the realm of funding & partnerships. These staff members should want to improve their skills and/or pass on their wisdom to others who work a similar role in civic tech, and should also be interested in discussing ‘how to sell civic tech’. Members from the Code for All team will be there to facilitate.

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