Code for All network’s mission

We are an international network of civic tech organizations that drive change through digital technology, citizen participation, collaborative decision-making and good governance to deliver solutions for social challenges while improving the relationship between governments and citizens.

The network enables individual organizations to scale by leveraging international resources, sharing expertise and promoting shared funding to tackle social issues collectively. Our diversity allows for more and different approaches and solutions, while motivating alternative and modern methods for government.

Our Values


We work towards open, participatory and democratic society


Only by working together we can achieve greater impact


We share lessons learned, provide mentorship and expertise


We make decisions in a transparent manner

Code for All members share following principles

We improve government and civil society, not politics.

Code for All’s work focuses on opening and innovating the implementation of policy and the delivery of public services, through the administration and bureaucracy of governments and civil society. While we recognize the importance of political reform and policy advocacy to the success of our work, we have purposely narrowed our focus to the areas where citizens are most likely to meet government.

We build for and with citizens.

Engaging citizens in our work is central to our theory of change. Strong democracies rely on trust between citizens and government, and we believe that organizing the public to actively participate in improving bureaucracy and service delivery is the most productive way to build sustainable change in the public sector. We also support government and civil society to develop the capacity to effectively collaborate with the public.

We show what’s possible.

Using data-driven, user-centred and iterative methods, Code for All partners create digital interfaces to government that are simple, beautiful, and easy to use, and do this dramatically faster and cheaper than through traditional channels. Showing what’s possible changes the conversation, lowers the risk of experimentation, and creates political will for innovation in government.

We operate in public.

We promote openness in our work and in the work of our civil society/government partners. All our digital tools are open source. We actively encourage documentation, sharing, collaboration, and reuse of all our tools, programs, and processes.

We help build an ecosystem.

Using data-driven, user-centred and iterative methods, Whenever possible we reuse existing tools, standards and platforms, encouraging integration and extension. We operate as a global community, leveraging each other’s knowledge and resources, because all of our work is better if we are connected.


We found these activities benefiting organizations the most

Peer Learning
Redeploying Tools
Offline Mentorships
Online Workshops

Do you want to work with global community?

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