It is with great pleasure to announce that Code for Romania and Codeando Mexico has won open call #3 (funded by NED) of C4All exchange program! With 4– all very competitive applicants, Romania-Mexico wins the grant because they fulfill all hard criterias of exchange program and promises tool development. With clearly defined goals, this exchange is also extending collaboration across two different countries.

While Code for Romania will be the host organization, the project comes in support of replicating, customizing and adapting several applications developed by Codeando Mexico. In the aftermath of the major earthquake that has sadly hit Mexico in 2017, Codeando Mexico has develop a suite of apps meant to bring relief and support to the victims and their families. Romania is currently preparing for a major earthquake that may take place at any given moment. Code for Romania is already working on a disaster relief platform, and the exchange could benefit the host country by Codeando Mexico’s already built ecosystem apps.

The main benefit of the exchange for Code for Romanis is learning from and replicating Codendo Mexico’s applications ecosystem as they are in great need of such solutions. Meanwhile, Codeando México worked with these apps in the context of an emergency. This exchange will benefit Codeando México’s efforts by strengthening their solutions, learning from Code For Romania’s experiences and generating new guides to help other organizations reuse these tools.

The objective of the exchange project are:

(a) Setting the grounds for replication of a minimum of two disaster relief application developed by Codeando Mexico in Romania
(b) Incubation for a disaster relief app kit deployable in more countries that might face major emergency situations
(c) Knowledge articles for the common repository of Code for All

We are all looking forward to see how these 2 organizations based on this pilot replication, building through this exchange the prerequisites for an app kit that could be deployed with little effort in any country that might face a catastrophe and does not have such a system in place. And we firmly trust there will be an exciting outputs for Code for All partners! Stay tuned for results.

Executive Committee of Code for All