Code for All Exchange Program #2

#2 September-December 2018, funded by Taiwan Foundation for Democracy


The goal of the Code for All’s Exchange Programme is to provide a structured opportunity for member organisations to co-create or share tools, information and best practices among Code for All (CfAll) partners, as well as to promote collaboration on specific projects.

Level of Support

Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD) is going to fund two exchange projects during September-December 2018, each project will receive a grant up to USD 5,000.

Evaluation of Proposal #2

  1. The relation of the proposed project to the mission and goals of TFD;
  2. The project’s anticipated impact;
  3. The likelihood of successful execution of the proposed project, judging from such factors as the feasibility of the proposal, the soundness of its methodology, and the experience of the project’s executors;
  4. The significance and innovativeness of the proposed topic(s) and subject(s) of the project;
  5. The reasonableness and clarity of the budget, and appropriateness of the requested funding in line with the project’s goals;
  6. The integrity of the documents submitted for review.
  7. co-creation or replication of projects or knowledge exchange between two or more Code for All governing partners;
  8. The exchange comes in pursuit of common problem solving by the Code for All partners involved;
  9. The exchange brings added value for all Code for All partners involved as well as to the network.


  • Application close at 23:59 GMT 1st April 2018. Fill following documents and start your application!
  1. the International Grant Application Form.
  2. detailed project plans and a separate budget statement,
  3. the organization’s proof of registration,
  4. Most recent annual report or financial statement in English.
  5. Applicants will be notified of the result no later than July 2018.

And send the above documents to Code for All Exchange Manager Aiya Hsu

Funding Rules

TFD’s accounting rules also do not permit funding for certain types of budget items, notably capital expenditures (i.e. purchases of equipment, etc.) and salaries for permanent staff.

After grant has been approved, a contract between TFD and the Grantee will be signed, stipulating final conditions and mutual obligations.


After project completion, Grantees must submit a final project report within two months after the project’s conclusion. The final report includes the following documents:

  • A narrative report describing the implementation of the project and the extent to which the project achieved its objectives;
  • Photographic, video, or other audiovisual documentation of the project, as appropriate;
  • A financial report, including an overall financial statement detailing the project’s expenses and transactions, with variances from the approved budget explained as necessary;
  • Original receipts for any expenditures covered by the Foundation’s grant funds, grouped according to the approved budget categories, and accompanied by an itemized list of the receipts.


For other questions regarding Exchange Program, please contact Exchange Manager for further information.

Exchange Manager| Aiya Hsu

Code for All’s Slack @Aiya |