Results of Code for All Exchange Program #1

It is with great pleasure to announce that Fundacja ePaństwo (Code for Poland), Code for Romania and OpenUp (South Africa) has won the first open call of C4All exchange program!

While Code for Romania will be the host organization, the project comes in support of co-creation of open legislation projects that are actively developed by all three partner organizations. Open legislation is a broad area that includes: access to and tracking of draft legislation in parliament; consolidation and publication of promulgated legislation; open licensing of legislation content; making content machine-friendly; helping users to navigate, understand and use the law effectively; and building communities to promote and use open legislation. Together, three organizations’ projects cover a number of broad aspects of Open legislation and in many cases they overlap. Therefore the exchange will allow for tools replications, co-creation of new features, as well as general knowledge exchange.

The main benefit of the exchange for Code for Romanis is diving in other countries specifics and learning and brainstorming other solutions already in place for functionalities that they have planned in their projects. The exchange will allow OpenUp to explore different approaches to making legislation open, understanding user personas and needs, building partnerships with government, fostering community engagement, and provide opportunities to improve and promote re-use of the Indigo platform. During the exchange Fundacja ePaństwo would like to show solutions that they worked out and lessons that they’ve learned.

We are all looking forward to see how these three organizations which are currently running open legislation projects in their respective countries, will collaborate by doing joint user research, prototyping, and sharing experiences.

The objective of the exchange project are:

* replication of Indigo platform for Poland, Romania
* replication of Chrome glossary plug-in for Poland, South Africa
* replication/co-creation of platform to support tracking of legislation through parliament
* improved understanding of open legislation user personas and needs through sharing and conducting of user research
* improved effectiveness of collaborations with governments and parliaments through shared experiences
* improved effectiveness of building an open legislation community through shared experiences
* improved understanding of the Akoma Ntoso open legislation XML standard through workshops and shared experiences
* improved opportunities for future replication and co-creation of an open legislation platform, by describing the components of open legislation platforms, how they fit together, and how they can be built or used independently to support a progressive implementation
We trust this will be the start of a long and fruitful relationship between Code for All partners! Stay tuned for results.

Executive Committee of Code for All