Code for All Exchange Program #1

#1  Jan-Jun 2018, funded by CfAfrica


The goal of the Code for All’s Exchange Programme is to provide a structured opportunity for member organisations to co-create or share tools, information and best practices among Code for All (CfAll) partners, as well as to promote collaboration on specific projects.

Level of Support

Code for Africa is going to fund two exchange projects during January-June 2018, each project will receive a grant up to USD 5,000. The funding intends to support for travel costs, a basic stipend to cover living expenses, accommodation or other local needs. Specific arrangements may vary by each project proposal. To receive the funding, applicant will be asked to provide the actual expense receipts.

Proposal Requirements for #1

  1. Proposals need to involve at least 3 parties, affiliated with Code for All member organisations, as a way to strengthen the Code for All network.
  2. With the grant sponsored by Code for Africa, at least one of the partners need to be an African organization. The meeting / co-creation sessions do not, however, need to take place in Africa.
  3. Proposals should be for a co-creation project, that results in a tangible service or tool or artifact. The outputs should be ‘open’, to facilitate re-use by the rest of the Code for All community. Training workshops or other events are not eligible as the primary output of a proposal.
  4. Code for All support programmes are meant to amplify work by its member organisations, and are meant to based on a “self-help” ethos. Applicants therefore need to demonstrate that they are providing meaningful matching funding / resources towards the project.
  5. Proposals need to include a physical exchange between the project members.
  6. Proposals need to include robust and accessible user documentation, to facilitate re-use or knowledge sharing, so that the project serves as a resource for the broader ecosystem.
  7. Proposals need to include a realistic outreach / engagement plan, to ensure that whatever resource is created by the project is used by its intended audience.
  8. The project / exchange should take place between January-June, 2018.
  9. Reporting: Rather than requiring bureaucratic narrative reports, fellowships must produce a “how we did it” or “what we learned” commentary. The format for this commentary will be determined by the nature of each individual exchange project, in consultation with the Code for All Exchange Manager, but could include blog posts or a case study, or a video or presentation or the release of new open source code for a corresponding tool.


  1. Contact Code for All partners to form the project proposal. Code for Africa:
  2. Fill the application form by 20:00 UTC+1, 7th January 2018.
  3. The result will be released on Jan 19th, 2018

How to find other partners?

  • I want to replicate/scale my project, or but I don’t know partners in other countries.
  • I’d like to learn from other Code for organizations and I can provide skills and co-create project with them.
  • We’d like to be the host organization and invite people with skills/experience on certain topics to work on our project, how do I find them?
  • I have a great project idea and I want find partners who’d like to make it happen with me!

Please shortly describe your project, highlight how you want to scale it or replicate it and elaborate on how will a face-to-face interaction benefit the collaboration? Please put that information on Code for All’s Slack #projectexchange channel, so others can read about your project.

Use case:

  1. I’m individual, I want to work on my project with other people internationally, because I want replicate, or I want to cover other data geographies …
  2. We’re Code for xxxx, we’d like to host an exchange program in our organization which locate in (city, country) during 2018 (Feb to May) to work on (our project)…

Then please write on the Slack.

Information put on the Slack should be reacted upon by Collaboration Manager (@Bogdan).


For other questions regarding Exchange Program, please contact Exchange Manager for further information.

Exchange Manager | Aiya Hsu

Code for All’s Slack @Aiya |