Welcoming Codeando Mexico

We are pleased to welcome Codeando Mexico as a governing partner of the Code for All Network.

Based on Codeando Mexico engagement in network activities: participating in the events, sharing knowledge, supporting onboarding process creation; and their strong portfolio of apps for disaster relief, the governing partners, at Code for All meeting at Civic Tech Fest Taipei, has decided to invite Codeando Mexico as a new governing partner.

Read their mission statement below and head to https://www.codeandomexico.org/ to read about their projects and other activities.

Codeando México is an organization that promotes the use of technology and open data to create new ways for citizens to engage in public life; and to build more open and responsive governments. We address public problems through community-driven projects; connecting technologists, developers, designers and data scientists with citizen problems, and citizens with technology.

We are an open community, with both digital and physical spaces, allowing anyone to participate anywhere, anytime. Additionally, we have brigades in 5 cities in Mexico. The brigades work in local problems, collaborating with governments, civil society and private institutions.

We work with:

  • Civic Innovation: Improving the ways in which we participate as citizens; how we interact with our governments, other social actors and among ourselves.
  • Civic Tech: Addressing public problems through technology.
  • Open Data: Understanding the problems we are facing, take better decisions, improving transparency for citizens, and bettering