Welcoming New Members: Taiwan and Romania

Governments are facing enormous pressure to deliver for their citizens today. Our network has been supporting an international community of technologists and their government partners to share knowledge, code and resources with each other to help governments meet this challenge.

Today, we are pleased to welcome Code for Taiwan and Code for Romania to our community as governing partners of the Code for All Network.


Code for Taiwan (g0v.tw), with 200 active members and an online community of more than 2500, has been pushing for information transparency in Taiwan for the last five years. The community organized around economic policy issues debated in Taiwan in 2012. Their first event, the g0v.tw hackathon, led to the development of more than fifty projects and collaboration with government agencies and civil society organizations. Code for Taiwan has since partnered with various offices of the Taiwanese government and civil society organizations to organize hackathons and other civic tech projects.




Code for Romani (code4.ro) recruits Romania’s tech talent to tackle the country’s most challenging citizen engagement and government transparency problems. Since 2015, Code for Romania’s 17-person team have been working with more than 200 volunteers and four brigade teams in the country to launch ambitious civic tech projects including tools that have supported election monitoring efforts and helped European Union asylum seekers to integrate with their community. Code for Romania partner with national agencies and ministries and civil society to develop data-driven products.  

Check out their work, and stay tuned for more updates from Code for All!