Koduj Dla Polski (Code for Poland) Spotlight at the Code for All Summit

Koduj Dla Polski (Code for Poland) is an interdisciplinary community seeking technological solutions to social problems. Koduj Dla Polski is a project of the ePaństwo Foundation which was created five years ago. For their first three years, the team worked on creating an open data portal of Poland. After it launched, the group wanted to get the community excited about open data and it’s possibilities. Two years ago, the group connected with Code for All and launched Koduj Dla Polski. Here’s ePaństwo board member Jakub Górnicki to explain.

Three days into their launch, they got 300 people who signed up to get involved. Since that time, they’ve built infrastructure and support to the civic technology community in Poland. There are currently five Koduj Dla Polski Brigades in Gdańsk, Kraków, Warszawa, Poznań, and Poznań.