Codeando Mexico Showcase at the Code for All Summit

Codeando México is a organization that works on public and social issues using technology. The group activates tech communities towards new forms of citizen engagement. Codeando México is part of the Code for All network and is run by Oscar Montiel in México, City.

Codeando México was founded in 2013 and was spun off from the work being done with Codeando por America Latina. One of their first projects was working to build a better app to monitor activity in San Lazaro. The government had signed a contract to build one for 115 million pesos ($7.5 Million US) – when the actual app could have been built for around 500,000 pesos. (Just over $34,000 US).  

Here’s Oscar explaining what the team did next:

Codeando México hosted an app challenge where they’d award just .01% of the original contract (and an iPad to the winner.) While they wern’t able to stop the contract from going forward, the team discovered there was a vast community of people in Mexico who wanted to use their tech skills to help their communities and improve government. 

From there, Codeando México built Retos Publicos (Public Challenges) to help governments procure better software. 

The app works to especially to help small businesses get government IT contracts. So far they’ve had ten challenges that have generated over 1500 participants and 400 submissions. Over 300 companies have participated in the challenges with 7 teams bringing prototypes to full fledged products.

Another project that the team has been working on is La Red México Abierto – a network of local and state governments who share tools and resources to help them open up their data. The team has offered training to help governments open up their data. They’re started out in three cities (Mexico City. Guadalajara, Monterey), but now have a presence in 13 cities. They are spinning off a for profit company to help build products that governments can use to open up data as well. The company will donate part of that profit to Codeando México to help sustain the organization. 

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